Welcome to Technoprep! Before we start this wonderful journey, please make sure to get yourself familiar with the following online platforms that we use within our mentorship program.

Let’s get it on! Below you can find a step-by-step guide on how to access to our system!

Connecting to your Online (LIVE) Class:

Step 1: Go to www.technoprep.com and follow the instructions below:

Step 2: Enter your username and password provided in the welcome email and click login

Step 3: Once you logged in, select your course according to the schedule sent in the welcome email. Make sure to come back and click on the dropdown menu “Select a course” to go to your next class according to your schedule.

Step 4: Once you selected your class and the time is right, click on “Launch Virtual Classroom” and connect to your class

Step 5: You can know your schedule by clicking on the calendar icon on Ayotree

Step 6: You will be assigned a weekly assignment. Below you can see how you can know what your assignment is.

Step 7: All classes are recorded. Below you can see how you can access to the class recordings

taking online sat practice test

Our program offers a monthly full-length SAT exam for our students. In order to take the SAT practice test, everyone needs a printer to print out the test before they begin the test. The soft copy of the test will be emailed to the students before the test begins. Also, a printable version of the test will be provided on our testing platform. Below you can find how you can access our testing platform. All students are provided a username and a password for our testing platform. You can reach out to the testing platform from the following link https://onlinescoretracker.com/company/techoprep or follow the steps below:


All students who signed up for our comprehensive mentorship program are assigned with a college success mentor. Mentors contact students via sms/email/whatsapp for the initial meeting and moving forward decide on how they will connect with one another. All students and mentors are matched with each other on a platform called “College Planner Pro”. On this platform, mentors assign weekly goals and schedule meetings with students. As students complete the assignments, they put a checkmark on their to-do lists. All students receive a username and password for their College Planner Pro account in the welcome email


IXL uses insights from student work in the curriculum and the Real-Time Diagnostic to generate personalized guidance for each learner. This personalized action plans seamlessly link students to the skills that will help them build on their knowledge and remediate gaps in understanding. It’s an easy way for you to personalize your instruction and accelerate learning. All students are sent a username and password to connect their IXL account upon enrollment.

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please email info@technoprep.com

Thank you!