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Student Testimonials

TechnoPrep is very uplifting and educational for many students to push themselves to reach their greatest potential. I have participated in Android Development class, where I found an interest in programming. I have also participated in the passion project, a student founded organization, to help teach other high schoolers from around the world. Being a part of this programs has fostered an environment where I have been able to grow and develop skills for a successful future.
Nareen A. / Chicago
11th Grade Student
If you want to be the best in school and in sports, having a strong self-confidence is the key to success. It took me a long time to realize that. You may be wondering and ask me, how did you improve your self-confidence? The simple answer would be "I did it with the help of Technoprep" The mentorship program gave me all the support I could ever ask for. My mentors made me feel like I was capable of achieving great things. Thank you all great teachers and mentors at Technoprep, thank you for everything!
Azra D. / Virginia
9th Grade Student

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