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Growing up as a student, I struggled to succeed in school. I didn’t have the support or resources to help me overcome my challenges and reach my full potential. But then, something changed. I met a mentor who saw my potential and helped me prepare for college.

Thanks to his guidance and support, I was able to get into college and my life began to change. I realized that I wasn’t the only student who needed support and guidance in order to succeed. Millions of students across the U.S. have the potential to succeed, but they lack the direction and support they need to reach their goals.

At Technoprep, we work to change this. Along with my mentor and teacher friends, we provide guidance and support to hundreds of students every year, helping them to get into the colleges of their dreams. We don’t just support them academically; we also make sure that they are heard and understood.

We are changing lives every day, and we do it with love and care. Every child has the potential to succeed, and with the proper support and guidance, they can reach their goals and have the successful life they deserve.

Robert D. Turk

Founder & Head Mentor
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