About us – Technoprep

Growing up as a student, I wasn’t the most successful student. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of resources to support me emotionally and academically. I kept making the same mistakes over and over again. At some point, even my parents gave up on me.

However, one day, I met a mentor who changed my life. He has seen my potential and helped me start preparing for college. Thanks to his encouragement and guidance, I successfully got admission to college, where my life started to change.

Today, I realize that I wasn’t the only student who needed guidance in his life. Millions of students across the U.S. are brilliant but can’t get the life they deserve because of their lack of direction.

At Technoprep, along with my mentor and teacher friends, we guide hundreds of students every year to get them into the colleges where they take their first step toward having a successful life. Not only do we support them academically, but we also make sure that they are heard and understood.

We are changing lives daily, and we do this with love and care.

Every child has potential; it only takes one person to enter their life and encourage them to push further.

Robert D. Turk

Founder & Head Mentor